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Neil’s Supercharged NC MX5 has been made legal for Australian roads. Our efforts started in late September 2012 with an emissions test for the Australian IM240 Test Cycle (reported HERE);

The key to this milestone was the ECU tune file prepared and supplied by Jay @ TDR-MX5Tuning. The tune file was custom built by Neil & Jay utilising a logger and hours of on-road testing.

The next step in our efforts required a brake test in order to satisfy ADR31. The test was scheduled for mid-November and the following video is a summary of the event;

Neils’ car was then weighed and Dyno tested before all of our results where submitted to an engineer for assessment. Within days we received news that an Engineers Certificate had been issued making Neil’s Supercharged NC MX5 on of the first legal and complied in Australia. Well done Neil!

A big thank you to Jay @ TDR-MX5Tuning for his mammoth efforts and Neil for his faith and trust.

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