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In order to generate more R&D funds for the Black Toyota 86GT we’ve decided to sell our Silver 2012 Toyota 86 GT. We took the Silver 86 to Wakefield Park last Monday and it proved to be pretty quick in stock factory form. The tyres however didn’t fair so well….

This is our fourth Toyota 86 this year. We bought it as a statutory write off as it had suffered a front end hit which deployed the airbags. The car then needed front guards, bumper, bumper rio, front lamps, radiator & fan. Fortunately the only mechanical part to be damaged was the right hand lower control arm. We had most of the bits to fix it from another silver 86. The only thing we needed was a bonnet which Kalen from the 86/BRZ FB group supplied. If anyone’s keen it’s available for inspection and could be a great alternative for someone wanting to build up a race or rally car. Call us on 0414 402 410 or email

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