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“I’ve hired Targa cars and crews in New Zealand, Newfoundland, and now Tasmania. Redback Racing offers an exceptionally


 professional operation.

The Miata (MX5) I drove at Tassie had less than 10,000 km. With its light weight, these cars handle well, and are easy on brakes and tires. It certainly has enough power to find trouble if you must, but the MX5s will not take you there uninvited.

Having identical spec cars made the participating Targa Racing crews more interested in the intra-squad rivalry than the overall event competition. It was all good-natured fun, with the service guys featuring in the fun and entertainment, for anybody hoping to race in Targa Tasmania from overseas this service is a must and the event definitely one of the best motor sport experiences available globally”

Kelly Silverthorn, Canada. Targa 2009, Targa 2011


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