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“Dear Adam and Chris, As you know, competing in Targa Tasmania had been on my TTDBID aka ‘Bucket’ list for quite a few years.  The only ‘trivial’ problems confronting me included not having a car, co-driver or, in fact, any idea of how to go about implementing the quite daunting logistical exercise of turning that desire into a reality.  As it turned out however, solving the co-driver problem with Brian Anderson – the only person on this planet game enough to share the driving with me – also resolved the remaining issues by introducing me to TargaRacing’s services. In summary, for a very reasonable monetary outlay, your company not only allowed me to tick off a huge item from my bucket list, but made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable.  I very much appreciated the fact that I didn’t need to be concerned about any of the myriad frustrating and time-consuming details of entry paperwork, car preparation, transport to and from the event, scrutineering, accommodation etc ad nauseam.   As an experienced circuit racer, with safety paramount in my mind, I know how critical it is to have the utmost confidence that the car I’m competing in has been carefully and competently prepared.  The fact that the MX5 performed flawlessly throughout the five days and handled superbly is a credit to your knowledge and experience in these types of events.  You and your support crew ensured that I knew what was required of me at every stage of the event and that quite literally; all I had to do was “Arrive & Drive”.  Perfect!   I look forward to continuing our association in the 2011/2012 seasons. Regards

Paul Shacklady”

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