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I hired a MX5 from TargaRacing for the 2010/2011 Targa Championship (Targa High Country, Targa Wrest Point & Targa Tasmania). Although I have some circuit racing experience this was my first experience at tarmac rallies. The MX5’s were well prepared & perfectly setup for tarmac rallies & you can tell a lot of time & experience has gone into suspension & handling setup of the cars. We did not have a single problem across the 3 events & even small driver comfort issues were instantly addressed. The cars are fantastic fun to drive, very forgiving so you can push hard without nasty surprises & as quick as any car through the twisty bits, downhill & under brakes. The biggest plus is the arrive & drive concept for people who are time poor All of the details are taken care of from servicing all the way through to accommodation & even team diners. The ability to just arrive at the event & only worry about driving makes it a far more enjoyable experience.

I have recommended TargaRacing to my mates & I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting into Targas.

I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Chris Gough & the team. The assistance & knowledge they provided to me as a Targa rookie was invaluable & we could not have achieved the success we did (1st Showroom Championship) without them.

Andrew McKay

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