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Targa Tasmania Targa Wrest Point LONGLEY 12.31km

BUMPY!!! Hellishly bumpy, but also one of the more enjoyable stages of the weekend. Quick little downhill run that suited the Mx-5 to a T.. bump steer was an issue for the first 2km or so but after that it was beautiful, alot of L2 /O which meant my driver had to trust me enough to barrel up an over a crest without being able to see where the road goes. Good fun and a great stage to finish up Day 1 of racing

Day 4:

Second race day!

Cold start this morning, but very exciting. Alot of doubling and looping today, stages for day two were on on the other side of the Huon river this time. Not that I caught most of it, but the scenery was quite impressive. Overall we had a relatively great day!



First stage of the day! The stage loops around the river, from what I remember its a fast stage, tight to start with then flowing towards the end, when we went through there were no issues and no cars off.



Fairly open, slightly uphill stage. We completed this stage twice on day two, almost got lost due to some silly wording in the roadbook, almost started at the end of the stage.. LOL got some funny looks from officials but thankfully this delay moved us back in the pack a bit. We were reseeded over night and were put too close to the front, spent some time on Woodbridge doing overtaking. 



Again we completed Oyster cove twice on day two. It has a few tight surprising turns but nothing too bad, alot of good fun through here and noone off on either time we went through.


CYGNET 12.45km

Wow what a stage! There are bumps galore alot of flat over crests on straights, you get air in a few places and its very flowing towards the end. We had some very interesting moments on this stage Waiting to begin the stage they had to send in police to calm down the locals who were enraged at their road being closed for 4hrs on a Sunday. 

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