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Do you want an experience of a lifetime? Do you want someone else to organise it? Then, call the team at TargaRacing. 

I’ve been circuit racing for twelve years and decided in 2010 to add Tarmac Rallies to my repertoire with my first event being Targa Wrestpoint. I turned to the team at TargaRacing for their expertise. They provide a professional, reliable, comprehensive package – everything from a fully compliant vehicle, attending to the obligatory paperwork, liaising with officials, smiling service crews taking care of you and the car at every stop, through to photographs and entertainment. 

What is required of you? Fly in, have fun, fly out. 

With more than 20 year’s collective racing experience, the advice from the crew at TargaRacing is invaluable, especially for first timers and their emphasis on safety is paramount.

Along with training days, they also have a network of incredibly experienced Drivers and Navigators who are extremely approachable. For a first timer, it is comforting to know you have an easily accessible knowledge pool to put your mind at rest. 

I have the highest regard for the professionalism and expertise for the team at TargaRacing – so much so, I have signed up again.

Matilda Mravicic
Targa Wrestpoint 2010 and 2011

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