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Well guys just a word of thanks for turning the dream into a reality – again. What an insane few months.

When I first made contact with Redback Racing in late December 2009 – little did I imagine you would be well enough organised to have me successfully completing my first ever Targa event FOUR weeks later.

It was amazing that you were able to:
– organise all the paperwork, Targa entries etc
– find me a great Navigator
– organise a personalised seat fitting (and get to know barbeque)
– ship the car
– organise the accommodation
– personalised seat fitting for myself and my navigator
– keep the car running in perfect condition
– it just all happened and ran like clockwork

Now you have just done it again – for the race I have always dreamed about. You were right – the Targa Tasmania event was sooo much bigger than Targa Wrest Point (but I now recommend that anyone who wants to do Targa Tasmania should do Targa Wrest Point first).

So Targa Tasmania is so hard to describe or explain to people but I’ll have a go anyway. So just imagine this:
– before I have even left Sydney the support team has arrived in
Tasmania and serviced and prepared the car
– I fly directly to Launceston to meet up with team (and the car) and do
final seat fittings etc
– drive the car to scrutineering and pass straight through with no
– next day Redback have organised for myself and the other team car to participate in a track day at Symmonds Plains – basically doing hot lap rides for sponsors which was great fun and great preparation in getting used to the car again. To top it off we shared a garage with Jim Richards (who is a great down to earth guy)
– once the track session was complete the support crew attacked the car and fitted a complete new set of tyres and rims ready for Targa
– then it was full on into the big event where everything happens in rapid succession and there’s hardly time to take breather
– almost everything happened as planned with one exception ….. mother nature … who turned on some of the trickiest conditions I have
experienced in the last ten years – anyway all accommodation was organised, team get togethers each night, some driving coaching tips techniques and what amazed me was the preparation as to which suspension settings were going to be used on each day (and what could be adjusted during the day)
– this event criss crosses the island at race pace yet the support crews would always appear ready for us (in the middle of nowhere) for refuelling, food, drinks etc – never missed us once
– with the variable conditions it was incredibly mentally demanding – but what made it easier was not having to worry about any mechanical or logistical issues due to the great support team.
– I made lots of friends, met many icons
– at the end of the event I say goodbye to everyone (and the car) and fly back to Sydney
– how easy fun and painless was that!!!

In summary Targa is a very well organised event that has to be experienced to be believed. When you are able to participate in such a large event and have a reliable car, superb support crew and be
associated with such great people and finish the event it is such a high!!!

All I can say to the people out there who watch motorsport, play the DVD’s and dream a lot ………. just get out there and do it (and get Targa off your “Bucket List”). You don’t live forever you know .. do it and do it now in the best organised way possible – as a full Targa lease package!!!!

A full Targa lease package, takes away the worries of building a race car, finding a navigator , getting a support team organised, finding accommodation, organising spares, fuel etc etc., and was the only way to do it and really enjoy it …….. so much so I’m going to do it again next year!!

Thanks guys I still can’t get the grin off my face.


Geoff Kennedy

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