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The TargaRacing gang are off to Tasmania for Targa Wrest Point held on 29/30 January. This event is the 1st Targa of the year and based in the hills south and west of Hobart. It is a 2 day event and many of the teams use it as a warm up for Targa Tasmania which held just 10 weeks later. This year we have 4 NC’s, one RX7 and the debut of a BMW 130i.

The crews are;

  • ADAM DODD and LEE C-MILES in virtually their 1st event
  • MATILDA MRAVICIC and KELLY HANDLEY back for their first pairing together
  • ANDREW MCKAY and ALEX HAILSTONE back to defend their 2nd place in Targa High Country
  • GEOFF KENNEDY and GEOFF NEALE debuting the BMW
  • And ADAM SPENCE and TRACEY BUTTON back in the Purple RX7

The course is here – http://targawrestpoint.com.au/wrestpoint/course.html

 More details of the event can be found at targawrestpoint.com.au

Here’s a wrap up of the lead to the event and day one. Ive not received the pics yet of the MX5’s but I have included one of the Bimmer I think is pretty good.

The end of January saw the MX5 Racing team head to Tasmania for the first event of the 2011 tarmac rally season – Targa Wrest Point. This 2 day event, based in the hills to the south west of Hobart, consists of 14 stages totalling almost 210km of competition.

This year we were running 4 NC MX5 and debuting a BMW 130i, the first of 2 we plan to run in the bigger Targa Tasmania later in April.

The logistics of moving around this many cars is complicated so to make it easier we decided to enlist one of Australia’s leading car transport companies to get the 4 NC’s to Tasmania. We would deliver them to the Sydney depot where they would be trucked to Melbourne before sailing to Devonport and delivered to our depot and storage yard. Our crews would fly in to collect them and before driving to the start in Hobart. I would bring our flatbed truck and trailer with the BMW and the redbackracing Mazda RX7 who we also support.

The trip to Tasmania was without event and I travelled on a different ship to normal and found the experience much nicer than previous journeys. The ship docked in Burnie on Australia day and I set off for our storage depot in Devonport in preparation for our crews that were flying in the following day. Arriving at the yard I found only 3 of our 4 MX5’s waiting As it was Australia day it was difficult to get hold of anyone to find out where the 4th one had got to. Eventually through a few calls and a trip back to Bernie it was determined the car was not it Tasmania. Question was… where was it???

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