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At 9 am the next morning my worst fears were confirmed when it was determined the car was still in Sydney as the transport company had “forgot to load the destination into their system so didn’t know where to send it” This was despite us delivering 4 identical cars at the same time and parking them door to door awaiting their trip down south. Our documentation stated the cars details and all relevant information required but for some reason they determined that one would be better off left behind……..

After a few frantic calls backwards and forwards we organised to get it to Melbourne for the Friday evening boat and to Devonport at 7.30 Saturday morning. As the event started at 8.20 in Hobart some 3 hours away this was less than ideal. Saturday morning saw me fly from Hobart to Devonport in what seemed like an ultralight to collect the car and rush back (at all times no more than the legal speed limit) to meet the crew for the first available stage. I got back to Geeveston just after lunch and this enabled the crew to join the rally stage 4, Dover.

In the meantime my trusty crew including Nick Martinenko had stepped into the role of team leader and kept the service side of things ticking along nicely. Other teams had been in a few incidents in the morning stages including one car that barely made it into SS1 Lucastown before losing control and demolishing a fence and 2 parked cars!!

We based ourselves in the town of Geeveston for the afternoon runs which saw a repeat of the Tahune and Airwalk stages run first in the morning. Times between our crews were very close with Adam Dodd/Lee Challoner-Miles from the Mravicic/Handley and Sutcliffe/Sutcliffe car. The McKay/Hailstone crew had overcome their morning setback and were putting in a stellar effort and setting some great times. They had soon settled in nicely to be the 2nd fastest of our cars on most of the afternoon stages. The BMW was also ticking along nicely with Kennedy/Neale getting used to the car and finding their confidence as the day progressed.

Day 2 started out with Pelverata stage, followed by Woodbridge, Oyster Cove and Cygnet before a repeat pass of Woodbridge, Oyster Cove and Cygnet and then the return to Wrest Point for the official finish and presentation.

As there were multiple passes through the town of Cygnet we service crew based ourselves there for the refuelling and stops.

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