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All the crews leapt out of the box on Sunday morning with the Pelverata stage one of the closest between all the MX5’s with a handful of seconds between the cars. There were various offs and breakdowns, which added excitement for the teams.

Woodbridge was next followed by Oyster Cove before back to Cygnet and then the Cygnet stage. There was action on the stages with several cars finding trees, embankments and even a creek (inverted). As there was little time between the two passes most of the wrecks stayed in situ until the 2nd pass which gave the stranded crews a good vantage point!! We did a refuel on all 6 cars prior to the 2nd pass (and lunch for the crew consisting of the worst BBQ chicken which was more like boiled and crap coffee). Midway through lunch the 1st of the crews began appearing again meaning a dash back and forwards across the road to meet and greet. This is not good for the digestion and needless to say the crap lunch stayed with me all afternoon…. The 2nd pass proved to be as dramatic as the 1st with yet more cars coming to grief including one corner on Cygnet that claimed 3. Needless to say the recovery of some cars took well into the evening.

From there it was back to Hobart and Wrest Point for the official finish and presentation.

Monday saw us back in convoy for the return to our storage yard in Devonport. It was great to see the 4 MX5’s back on the road together and the Bimmer as tail gunner. We also helped out one of our good friends and fellow Targa competitors by getting their stricken GTR back to the Spirit of Tasmania on our trailer.

Congratulations to all of our car crews who did great work all weekend. Special that’s to my awesome service crew of Nick and Loo Loo for their incredible help all weekend and the laughter we had between the stressful bits  ..

Roll on Targa Tasmania in April!!

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