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Targa Tasmania Targa Wrest Point Day 2:

Part One..

Early starts all round by the team, today was scrutineering and documentation. 

Hung out a Wrest Point for most of the morning, ensuring everyone on our team was set and ready for race day.

We collected our driving packs and shirts, tags and bands. 

Took some happy snaps while we were enjoying the sun, waiting for the rest of the team.

Part Two..

After scrutineering and documentation, we took the beast that was our Porsche Cayenne out for some recce.!

The stages covered most of the areas in the Huon Valley, all the way out to the Tahune Airwalk.

Some of the best roads I’ve had the pleasure of driving on, a little bumpy but overall pretty damn awesome.

After recce we headed back over to Wrest Point for Drivers Briefing and Welcome Party. 

Dinner was at Rockwall in Salamanca Place, twice cooked pork belly with crushed apple and red wine reduction was the dish of choice.

Day 3 :


Caught up with MrsB in the morning before the official start and took many happy snaps.!

The Mx-5 Racing team looked fantasic, props to Chris for really making it look spectacular.

The First days stages were. ..


Short stage, mainly to get everyone back in rhythm. There was a small bridge and a tight left one of the cars went off and that was unfortunately the end of their weekend.

TAHUNE 22.94km

Definately one of my favourite stages over the weekend. Starts out long and flowing, few bumps and a little gravely. The stage is just slightly downhill and tightens towards the end. At the end of the Tahune stage there was a 90min lunch and servicing break as everyone had to wait til all cars had completed the stage before the first car headed back up.

AIRWALK 22.96km

The reverse of Tahune, so slightly uphill and the stage is a tad more open in reverse. 

DOVER 17.11km

After heading down and back to the Airwalk we headed over to Dover. Dover is a tight bumpy stage that loops around the Esperance Coast Road. One of the scrutineers was telling me this was the most dangerous stage of the event, we had an interesting run through Dover. Our run through Dover was sketchy, but we had no big moments and both came out the other side in agreement to dail it back for the rest of the day.

After Dover was the repeat of Tahune and Airwalk, then on to Longely.

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